Sea Breeze

Although Yokohama is a very modern, industrialized city, it is also surprisingly eco-friendly.

The sea breeze blowing from the harbor is fresh and clean, the sky is clear, the sea is blue and the scenery is green.

Breeze from overseas

It is said that all you need is a three-day stay to be a "Hamakko", a native of Yokohama. This 157 year old city welcomes foreigners with open arms. Friendly smiles will surely greet you everywhere. It's a global melting pot - with different languages here and there! Yokohama is beautiful and exciting. No wonder many visitors opt to stay here for good!

Nice people


Breeze for the future

Yokohama is the first city in Japan to ban indoor smoking. Ultracompact electric vehicle sharing system is currently under trial in the streets of Yokohama and new commodities are always first introduced in Yokohama to collect marketing data. As well, the first casinos in Japan are expected to be developed in the waterfront of Yokohama.

Since Commander Perry arrived in Yokohama, this dream city has truly elevated Japanese society. It is indeed a "city of the future."

Last but not least . . .
Breeze of love

Yokohama is the most popular dating spot in Japan. Love dominates here! Romantic couples walk hand in hand while strolling along the harbor with blushing brides and confident grooms in celebrity-like weddings in hotels and churches. Elegant wedding halls are common sights to see! Love is absolutely in the air in Yokohama!

happy wedding

We'd like to take you to . . .


Osanbashi, the "Great Pier"

This is a must place to visit in Yokohama. It has a 360 degree view from the rooftop to put you on the top of the world! This international passenger terminal is at the heart of Yokohama Port. From here, you can fill your senses with the beauty of Yokohama. The pier has a unique, original shape. The roof is covered with local timbers and beautiful grass. No column was used in this fascinating building and an "origami", a type of Japanese paper-craft, was the inspiration for this stylish design.

Don't forget to find the three lucky charms of Yokohama. These can only be found from this romantic site.

Landmark Tower

This second-tallest building in Japan has an observation deck on the top floor where you can enjoy a bird eye view of this beautiful country. You can see the Great Kanto Plain where one-third of the population resides. The Plain covers 8 prefectures commonly known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The biggest and wealthiest are Tokyo, the capital of Japan, following with Yokohama, the capital of Kanagawa. Thanks to the high Japanese technology, this melting pot of more than 30 million people can go about their daily lives traffic-free.

Mount Fuji can also be seen from this tower. It surely provides a refreshing break for the city slickers. Experience nature and stay in one of the local resorts!


Red Brick Warehouse

Red Brick Warehouse

80 years ago when this was built, this beautiful building was the most modern, sophisticated warehouse of that era. After a major renovation in the last 10 years, this historic building was reborn! Charming shops, fancy restaurants, and an awesome live music club are all waiting for your visit. Come and enjoy this special taste of Yokohama.

Sankeien Garden

Sankei Hara, a successful silk trader who acquired great prosperity during the early era of the Yokohama Port was also an extraordinary art lover. He invested and collected historical structures from all over Japan and rebuilt them in his own private garden with perfect precision himself.

Today, this picturesque garden is open to the public. The beauty of this garden changes in seasons, weather, and time. Amazing cherry blossoms in all shades of pink in spring; deep, deep green in mid-summer; red, gold, orange, yellow, and brown leaves in autumn; snow-covered garden as if drawn with an Indian ink in winter will absolutely take your breath away!

Sankeien Garden

Bluff Area

The Bluff Area of the Yamates

Also known as "the Japanese Beverly Hills," this is a famous neighborhood having been a residential area in the early years of the Yokohama Port. Diplomats, business people, and wealthy foreigners once lived, with some still residing, in these hills overlooking the harbor. Some of these mansions are well-preserved and seems to be frozen in time.

Motomachi Shopping Street

This street was originally developed to serve the needs of the first foreign residents of Yokohama. Western goods were introduced to Japan through this high-class shopping street. Modern-day Motomachi evolves Western charm, stylish fashion, and elegant restaurants. You will feel very luxurious strolling down this "Japanese" street!




The biggest Chinatown in Japan is bright and colorful; with golden dragons curling from the neon signs. A few decades after the Yokohama Port opened, Chinese immigrants came and built this commercial center. This is still the heart of the Chinese community. Visitors from all over Japan come to enjoy Chinese cuisine in the many prestigious restaurants. Be it a course-set meal or an afternoon-tea or even pick-and-choose dim-sums - the smell of such delicious dishes will surely be calling you.

Noge, a Restaurant Area

This 'fuel tank' for Japanese workaholics is located right in the heart of Yokohama. Yakitori, sushi, BBQ, tempura, nabe, fugu, eel, suppon, and the delicious list continues. Give it a try and jump into any restaurant! Trust me, you can't make a wrong choice here.

noge area

Yokohama-bashi Shopping Street

Yokohama-bashi Shopping Street

You can find the local's everyday life is here. You may witness the fundamental strength of Japanese people and the momentum of Japanese economy in this narrow but busy street. Open your heart and feel the air!

Miyoshi Theater

It's a Japanese entertainment show filled with drama, music and dance... Who said the Japanese are reserved and poor in expression? Prepare a handkerchief for tear of grief and laughter. There are two stages everyday except for Mondays. One tip gentlemen, never fall in love with the actress on the stage! Because he, I mean she is a...

Miyoshi Theater


Iseyama, Great Shinto Shrine

As soon as you arrive to Japan, you may be surprised by the cleanness of this country. Cleanliness and purification are the principle doctrine of the Shintoism, Japanese indigenous religion. Please learn the ritual of purification here. The experience might be the best souvenir to take back from this country.

Yokohama Bay Bridge

It's 860 meters long! Yokohama Bay Bridge is the greatest suspension bridge in Japan. Overlooking Yokohama Bay and stretching 360 degrees of scenic panoramas, it will surely make any visitor say, "Yokohama is magnificent!" Sunset viewing from here is highly recommended. The silhouette of Mount Fuji and the illumination from the high-rises behind the port create the impressions of reflections of "gems on the water".

Bay Bridge

Japanese Local Cuisine
local cuisine

Though Chinese Cuisine is a favorite in Yokohama,
we also highly recommend Japanese local cuisine.

Here are some of our suggestions:

- inside of Yokohama Wholesale Central Market
Famous for freshly caught raw fish gourmet. If you like it, name it. Nothing is too tough for these expert chefs!

- a crab specialty restaurant
This restaurant serves all kinds of crab dishes, including sashimi, tempura, grill and shabu-shabu (dipping in hot water and eaten with a special sauce).

* They offer a reasonable lunch time menu.

- a traditional Japanese barbecue restaurant
Meat, fish and vegetables are skewered and grilled in front of the customers using an original Japanese BBQ table called "irori."

- a high-class Japanese Restaurant.
"As pure as water!" is the best description of Japanese Cuisine.

The right balance of ingredients and seasoning complement Japanese dishes. Enjoy the harmony of their dishes in this 600 year old house set in natural beauty. Come and feel like a shogun.

- a specialty soba restaurant
They also serve different Japanese dishes at reasonable prices.

Eating soba, which are buckwheat noodles, is said to be the reason for the Japanese longevity.

- a less-pricey restauraunt
Dishes are simple, healthy and very reasonably priced.

Experience what the common Japanese eat at home. Fish and/or meat, vegetables in season, with miso soup and pearly white rice. Extra servings of miso soup and rice are available upon request free of charge.

And of course, many many more...
Be adventurous. Let us know your preference. Our drivers are willing to assist you.

Our Taxi Information

Our enthusiastic drivers each have our own specials and will go the extra mile for you! Please don't hesitate to give us your extraordinary, oncein-a-lifetime requests! We are very eager to hear for you.

Come see and enjoy the beautiful sights Yokohama has to offer.

Let's seize the day together in Yokohama!

We offer clean, luxurious limousine taxis at reasonable prices. The following below are some of our recommended tours. Feel free to call us or send us an email. We have English speaking operators and drivers waiting for you.

Fee for you to enjoy

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Standard 4 Hour Tour

- This is a highly recommended tour since this tour covers most of the popular, iconic locations deep in history and culture.
* Luxurious limousine-style cab with a maximum of 6 passengers.
* 24,800 Japanese Yen.

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Bullet Train-Speedy 2 Hour Tour

- This tour is a short version of the Standard Tour; which excludes the Sankeien Garden and the Yokohama Bay Bridge.
* Luxurious limousine-style cab with a maximum of 6 passengers.
* 12,400 Japanese Yen.


Complete 6 Hour Tour

- This is the extended version of the Standard Tour with lunch/and or dinner break (although meals must be paid by the customers).
- This tour covers most of the popular, iconic locations deep in history and culture.
* Luxurious limousine-style cab with a maximum of 6 passengers.
* 37,200 Japanese Yen.


Common supplementary explanation to all of tours

Admission fees at some facilities, toll fees and parking fees must be paid by the customers.
Optional: English speaking driver/guide Japanese Yen 5,000 additional.

The above price is only for a round trip from Minato-mirai area.
The price of the package may vary depending on the departure and arrival location.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Business Reservation

e.g., Central Yokohama (Naka-ku, Nishi-ku)

8 hours Japanese Yen 45,600~
Optional: English speaking driver/guide Japanese Yen 5,000 additional.

Let us know your request. Our drivers are willing to customize a tour especially for you.
We are waiting to hear from you!

Thank you very much.